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Sony is not shying far from E3 2017 in the scarcest. Floor arrangements are live for the Los Angeles tradition, and the stage holder has held a frightening 43,500 square feet of floor space, which overshadows each other organization in participation. The maker will be nearby to an extremely spacious Nintendo booth (32,400 square feet) in the West Hall. Then, Microsoft is in the South Hall with only 17,412 square feet add up to saved. 

Obviously, it merits saying that floor space may not really connect with the measure of substance in plain view. The Japanese mammoth will clearly have a lot of PlayStation VR stands which take up a ton of space, and taking a gander at the floor arrange, it would seem that Sony Europe has its own zone beside the essential PlayStation booth. 

The PlayStation creator will likewise be communicating live each day from the show floor, so when you consider the greater part of that, it bodes well that it's saved a huge measure of space. Seeing as this is the primary E3 where general society will be in participation, however, it's certain that Sony will have the biggest nearness of all.
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