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طريقة لعب فيفا 16 أوفلاين !!

لعبة FIFA 16 Cracked by TURK DM
فريق تركي اسمه TURK DM قدر انه يتخطى حماية اللعبة عن طريقة الديمو ومساعدة بعض البرامج بانك تلعب الكاريك مود وكل خصائص اللعبة اوفلاين مجانا علطول.
عشان تبدا بطريقة تخطي الحماية لازم الحجات ده تكون جاهزة عندك الاول:
1-) Install FIFA 16 Demo by setup,download it from the torrent.If you install demo by using Origin this will NOT work.
You can find it here : https://www.rldgames.net/fifa-16-demo-rldgames/
In setup you should set installation directory to : C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 16 Demo
2-) Download FIFA 16 Full Unlocked files,[13 GB].You can download from anywhere but they gave this link : https://www.skidrow-games.com/fifa-16
3-) Download and install File Master 15
4-) Download and install Creation Master 16 Beta 3
5-) Download and install Origin
خطوات تخطي الحماية بالتفصيل:
1-) Copy all files from FIFA 16 Unlocked 13 GB to Fifa 16 Demo directory.
2-) Click ''Skip'' when error message pops up.(Skip all when it tries to replace files)
3-) Delete ''data'' and ''dlc'' folders from FIFA 16 Demo directory.
4-) Copy ''data and ''dlc'' folders from 13 gb unlocked version to Fifa 16 demo directory and replace.
5-) Inside the demo directory,open ''dlc'' folder and then delete folder ''dlc_powdll''
6-) Install File Master 15
7-) Install Creation Master 16 Beta 3
glasses رمز تعبيري Open the folder where you installed Creation Master 16,open folder ''Templates'',copy ''data'' folder inside and paste it to FIFA 16 Demo directory and replace.
9-) Regenerate BH of Fifa 16 Demo folder using File Master 15 [This may take some time]
10-) Open Origin and launch FIFA 16 Demo. Career mode and all full game features/teams also works.
فيديوهات اثبات بان الطريقة شغالة من اللي جربوا:

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